The Well

Wilt thou be made whole?

Throughout our family’s journey of eliminating unhealthful components from our lives and adding healthy life changing elements, we have learned much. On a daily basis it seems that we are asked about foods and other factors that have a positive or negative impact upon all our lives. Although initially our quest was to improve our children’s quality of life, it seemed fitting to share the bigger picture here with you.
Our desire was to make this page an interactive one where we share videos on health, articles of the variety of studies in scientific journals showing the benefits of a plant-based diet, exercise, good sleep and more. We believe that though a healthy diet can lead to a longer life, this is not the better health we want you to have. We believe in health that enables us to prepare for the life to come.
This page is still under construction, but we are compiling information right now. Please check back for updates coming this fall.