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Smokey Lentils

A creamy, smokey twist to lentil soup!



1.   Using an 8-quart soup/stock pot, bring rinsed lentils and 4 cups cold water to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer 40 minutes, or until softened.
2.   Cut onion into quarters and slice each quarter about 1/8″ thick to make strips of onion, or cut whole onion into thin slices if you want larger pieces of onion.
3.   Chop sun-dried tomatoes into small chunks.
4.   Mince garlic
5.   Add onion, tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, paprika and salt.
6.   Add enough additional water to cover all and bring to a simmer.
7.   Cook 20 minutes, covered, over low heat.
8.   Add 1/2 cup Hickory Cheddar Spread and stir to dissolve.
9.   Taste and adjust for salt, if desired.
10.  Serve hot with whole grain bread or crackers for a healthy meal!


This makes a hearty, smokey lentil soup.  The smokey flavor can be lessened by using regular sweet paprika instead of the smoked kind, and it can be kicked up a notch by serving the lentils with WayFare Pig Out Whole Grain Bacony Bits sprinkled on top just before serving.  These little smokey bits add a crunchy contrast to the lentils.

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