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What Makes WayFare Different?


How Are We Different?

Many folks today are learning the effect proper diet has upon their health and happiness, and are demanding something better. Fortunately, a number of companies are responding to this call by creating healthier versions of the foods we eat. Many are striving to secure better ingredients from sources with higher standards. Here at WayFare, we applaud these changes. Sometime ago we discovered the necessities of proper diet in our own lives. So what differentiates us from so many others?

Our History

Our enlightenment regarding food was fostered through some difficult times in our personal lives. Unusually “trying” times resulted in greatly improved health in our physical and spiritual being. Our course led to a deep appreciation of the positive influences of a proper lifestyle – diet being but just one factor. We came to understand our role in God’s world and desired to exert a positive influence for good. This purpose led to the creation of foods and production systems that would result in only positive impacts upon our fellow beings, the world around us, and our families.

Our products and ingredients

We’re wholly committed to making the absolutely best tasting, healthiest products from the finest ingredients on earth. To do this requires resolve, and WayFare is part of our personal mission. With this in mind, our only option is success; therefore we never cease to perfect our products and ingredients. When something isn’t quite right, we continue on until it is.

This perfection mandates the highest standards from the outset, beginning with ingredients. Before we mention what we avoid, we’d like to tell what we include. We produce only whole-plant-based foods that, to the greatest extent possible, use locally sourced ingredients from ethical sources. We take care to include ingredients to bolster health, ingredients loaded with whole-plant fiber and nutrients, and ingredients that will promote life and not bring disease!

Because of our faith, our personal plight, and our commitment to you, we manufacture no foods that contain animal ingredients – absolutely none. We avoid highly refined, processed ingredients and anything that could be genetically modified (GMO’s). We believed our children’s lives depended upon it! We continually study to find those things that are unhealthful and never place them in our foods.

Our Industry

We believe in taking care of others, not only through occasional acts of charity, but through daily moment-by-moment commitment to help shoulder their burden and the burden of their families. We do this by creating simple, healthy, amazing foods that not only encourage health, but also provide industries – local sustainable industries instead of big centralized ones. We specifically design our processes to be truly sustainable, to be incredibly efficient, to produce nearly zero waste, and to provide our neighbors with employment and support. Most importantly, we design them to be duplicated, quickly and economically, anywhere on earth. We’re very proud of the systems we’ve already put in service and those we’ve designed for launch in the future. We continue to refine them each day to improve their positive influence on the world.

Our Heart and Our People

All of the things listed above are subordinate to the one over-arching factor that we believe sets us apart and motivates us to strive each day for excellence. Throughout our trials we’ve come to believe that we are given precious talents to be used in the blessing of humanity. At WayFare we accept each day as a gift and a token of favor from God to be accepted, appreciated and shared with our neighbors through disinterested benevolence.

We believe that business and industry can exert a very positive influence for good in our communities and the world. Our founder and his family have devoted their lives to making the world a better place to live, and have given themselves to this work through the creation of local industries that act as a sustainable whole. This has become their mission and work, and forms the heart of WayFare.

What makes WayFare Products different from everyone else’s out there? We want to tell you! Please continue to read and to follow the links below to learn more about what makes each of our products different!


WayFare Dairy Free Ice Cream -  Lemon Sunshine, Blueberry Creme, Vermont Maple, Vanilla Creme and Chocolate!

Dairy Free Ice Cream – What’s the difference?! Ingredients: We are the world’s first ice cream made of gluten-free whole grains! Lower Glycemic, Non-GMO, dairy-free, Kosher and lower in fat than our competitors!


Dairy Free Cheese - Cheddar, Hickory Smoked, Mexi Cheddar!Dairy-Free Cheese – What’s the difference?! Ingredients: We are the world’s first cheese made of gluten-free whole grains! Our cheese is dairy-free and lower in fat than our competitors, and completely Vegan!


Dairy Free Sour Cream! Dairy Free Sour Cream – What’s the difference?! Ingredients: We are the world’s first sour cream made of gluten-free whole grains! Our sour cream is dairy-free and lower in fat than our competitors, and completely Vegan!



Dairy Free Pudding - Vanilla, Chocolate & ButterscotchPudding – What’s the difference?! Ingredients: We are the world’s first pudding made of gluten-free whole grains! Lower Glycemic, Non-GMO, dairy-free and lower in fat than our competitors. And it’s Kosher and completely Vegan!




Meat free bacon bits!


Pig Out Bacony Bits – What’s the difference?! Ingredients: We are the world’s first faux bacon bits made of whole grains! We are Vegan, Dairy-Free, Kosher and Non-GMO!