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Our Story

While WayFare and its founders may be young, there is a story behind us that dates back into the mid 1800’s -a story that involves a lot of young people not content with the status quo. Our story involves a group of young people who encountered similar experiences, which led to the creation of WayFare.

It all began with our founder and his young family, who went through some difficult times several years ago involving their health and lifestyle.

Raised on his grandparents’ dairy farm where milk was produced, our founder was used to making some of the best cheese in the world. By the time he was born, dairy farming had been in his family for many generations. Rarely was a meal found on his table that did not include a wide variety of dairy products. Several years before WayFare was formed, the family was faced with issues that threatened their lives as they knew it. Seeking answers, he and his wife left no stone unturned.

vermont-style-farm-field.jpgAround this time a book was shared with them that changed their lives. The book was written in the 1800’s by a woman who helped put John Harvey Kellogg through medical school. Like our founders family, this woman had experienced difficulties at a young age that ultimately led to the formation of a movement rooted in health –the Seventh Day Adventists. She, Ellen G. White, and a number of others at that time, sought answers to issues they were facing. This led to the development of a worldwide movement that stands to this day.

Our founder and his family were deeply moved by their study. Understanding that their diet and lifestyle played a critical role in their physical and spiritual well-being, they gave themselves to the improvement of the lives of others. This quickly led to healing in their own lives and ultimately the development of WayFare – with its foods and manufacturing systems we enjoy today.

Since this time, WayFare has grown as a number of people have joined our team from studying the same books, coming to the same conclusion and sharing the same mission. Similar to the young people that became known as Seventh-day Adventists, we at WayFare believe our lives are of infinite value to our creator and that we are given wonderful gifts to maintain them. These gifts include more than just a nutritious diet. They include sunshine, fresh air, rest, nature, proper circulation, industry, helping others, just to name a few.

Our company today seeks to build upon these health principles that we call the laws of health. Today, via the Blue Zones Study we can see that Seventh Day Adventists are among just a handful of groups in the world who live the longest and have fewer lifestyle related diseases  than the rest of the American population. The benefits of harmony with the laws of health can be had by all, and for this reason, we strive to create foods that will promote these laws of health.

vermont-style-farm.jpgIt wasn’t many years ago when we as a society grew our own food, milked our own cows and raised our own crops. This was the way life had been for thousands of years. But today the landscape has changed and for the most part someone else grows our food. At WayFare, we believe the earlier societies had it right. Nowadays most Moms and Dads work in the cities, and family farms have never been the same. The food landscape has changed as large scale chemical driven agriculture has replaced most local organic gardens. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) have replaced nutrient dense organics!

At our very core, given our experience and education received along our path, we are convinced that the future holds many problems for the food industry and our growing population. We believe that many diseases we see today are the result of our transition away from traditional agriculture and lifestyle. Today we are beginning to see the resurgence of local, organic, non-GMO food and historical methods of farming – we applaud this renaissance. We believe that the issues foretold by the pioneers of the health food movement are soon to come to pass, and we at WayFare have chosen to conclude our story with the essence of our mission – to help our neighbors find the comfort we have experienced – and it begins with food….

We make simple, delicious and amazing plant-based products that we hope you enjoy. We will strive to always include the most nutritious ingredients that will promote life and not bring disease. So, from our family to yours, we hope you discover these products to be “something Way better.”

We truly hope you are blessed by WayFare,
The WayFare Family