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Our vision remains the same today as when making the first dairy-free recipes for our children several years ago, to provide safe, delicious natural options with the assurance of health. Today, WayFare’s dairy free cheese, ice cream, sour cream, and other dairy free options are carefully crafted using 100% natural whole grain oatmeal, delivering remarkable health benefits in something that tastes impossibly delicious.

Our founder was raised on his grandparents’ dairy farm where the milk produced was used to make some of the best (in our opinion) cheddar cheeses in the world. By the time he was born, dairy farming had been in his family for many generations. Rarely was a meal found on his table that did not include a wide variety of dairy products. It seemed, therefore, quite devastating when several years ago his family needed to immediately eliminate all dairy from their diet. Several disappointing weeks were spent trying every “alternative” they could find. It became clear that a solution must be found.

With great concern, he and his wife asked God for help and He heard their prayers. Their initial desire was to provide their children with the best-tasting, nutritious, healthy, non-dairy foods, without the strange ingredients they were finding in alternatives. Their answer came from the most unexpected, natural source–namely, oatmeal. Soon, they were enjoying the finest cheeses and ice creams they could imagine, all non-dairy. Since this time, it has become their supreme desire to share these blessings with all of you, to provide people with safe, delicious foods with the assurance of health, just as God intended!

So, from our family to yours, we hope you discover these products to be “something way better.”

We truly hope you are blessed by WayFare,
The WayFare Family