The World’s BEST Dairy-Free!

Based in Montana, WayFare is a revolutionary company which manufactures simple, delicious, amazing products from whole-food plant based ingredients. WayFare foods are vegan, kosher, and 100% dairy-free, and never contain cholesterol, trans fats, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). With national distribution now established and increasing interest from mainstream consumers, WayFare is expanding into more stores on a daily basis. In hopes of helping the general public, WayFare promotes a healthy lifestyle through a plant-based diet. WayFare products can be found in select stores across the country please see our store locator for details.

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We Can’t Say It’s Cheese or Sour Cream

WayFare Pudding

• No Cholesterol • 100% Dairy Free • Certified Gluten-Free
• Soy Free • Vegan • No GMOs • Kosher Pareve •